PC 3D BookHow does hatred toward all peoples of all faiths transform into a profound love of Christ and his Church?

After a family tragedy propels him into years of hatred toward religion, Andrew Bowen realizes that he has a choice: either graduate to a violent, militant form of anti-theism, or uncover a path toward peace, reconciliation, and personal conversion.

Choosing peace, Andrew embarks on a year-long journey called Project Conversion that radically transforms him and his family when he immerses himself in 12 faiths and philosophies he once abhorred. Little does he know that each faith will gradually melt the permafrost of his heart and lead him to the way and the love of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.

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As the world rushes through the Christmas and Advent season, let’s dare to take a detour.

Travel back 2,000 years and watch as the untold story of Advent unfolds from the point of view of characters including Mary, Joseph, and even the angel Gabriel. In The Passion of Mary, you’ll take a never-before-seen look into how obedience, perseverance, faith, and a mother’s love foreshadow the very Passion of Christ that shook the foundations of history.

Prepare a place and reopen the manger of your heart as you read the story and ponder the 14 daily Advent reflections in this new devotion, The Passion of Mary: An Untold Story of Advent.





 Imagine the scene…

Hundreds of people hurl insults and stones as this strange man named Jesus lumbers through the streets of Jerusalem with a heavy beam across his back. He claims to be the Son of God, and for that is condemned to die by crucifixion.

Now picture yourself in the scene. Are you Judas who betrayed him? Perhaps a secret disciple and member of the Sanhedrin? Maybe you are the one who scourges Jesus at the pillar. Or perhaps you are Mary, forced to watch your son die.

In Along the Way, we encounter the Scriptural Stations of the Cross and the Passion of Jesus Christ in a brand new way. Blending the biblical narrative with new creative flourishes, we join Jesus along his epic struggle toward Calvary in ways like never before. By the end you will have walked with Christ and stand at the cross forever transformed.




3d Man of Christ

The world offers many answers regarding the role and definition of masculinity, but what does it mean to be a man of God?

In Man of Christ, we find the standard and form of masculinity in Jesus Christ: the image of manhood as God intended. Within this book we explore six virtues and their culmination based upon Christ’s life as found in the Gospels. Each virtue contains seven supporting verses designed to be read one day at a time, along with an additional reflection, then a call to action for the day. The use of a personal journal is highly recommended each day for continued reflection on the verses and commentary as it applies to your life.

The goal of this work is that by the end of these 42 days of following Christ, men will rediscover what it means to be a man made in the image of God.

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