Into the Wilderness with Jesus: 5 Tips for a Blessed Lent

Penance, sacrifice, prayer, alms giving, crosses of ash smeared on our foreheads. The season of Lent is a rich and ancient Christian tradition which reminds us of our mortality, sinful nature, and dependence upon God as Lord and… Read More

5 Ways the Rosary Increases Spiritual Fitness and Endurance

A new year has dawned and with it millions of resolutions. Better health, more travel, eliminate debt…everyone is talking about trimming their physical and financial waistlines, but what about resolutions for spiritual fitness? St. Paul writes that the… Read More

Why I Want to Carry Your Prayers in 2016

One of my greatest struggles (which persists to this day) as I entered the Church is that Christianity was never primarily about my personal relationship with Christ, but the Church’s union with Christ. …just as Christ is head… Read More

Three Ways Mary Helps Us Become Better Christians

Happy New Year! Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God (“God-Bearer” or Theotokos in Greek), a title recognized since the early Church and an official dogma since the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D…. Read More

Come Let Us Adore Him: 5 Reasons Everyone Can Celebrate Christmas

Advent ends with the Feast of the Nativity on the eve of December 24th, however nothing can truly prepare us for this grand celebration: the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. Although Jesus arrived as the heir to… Read More

3 Reasons Christians Shouldn’t Dress Up for Sunday Worship

God Doesn’t Care What You Wear “I mean, it’s not like this is a job interview, my wedding day, or meeting the president of the United States.” Ever notice how we typically go out of our way to present… Read More

Obedience: How I Refused God’s Call and Experienced Grace

In today’s gospel Jesus relates the story of two brothers whose father issued orders to work in the vineyard. One bother initially refuses the command, yet later obeys. The other agrees to work, but goes back on his… Read More

Reconciliation: Why Christians Must Share Their Sins

Bear one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ. –Galatians 6:2 In a world of rampant self promotion and the individualized pursuit of some vague enlightenment, the ethos of Christian community and accountability stands… Read More

The Christian Struggle: Strong Enough to Fight, but Wise Enough to Rest?

The summation of the Christian life is struggle. St. Paul goes so far as to describe the virtues of the spiritual life as battle equipment, driving home the reality that our Christian reality is indeed a war of souls,… Read More

A Letter to ISIS, with Love

Dear ISIS, May the peace of our Lord be with you; I hope this letter finds you well. I had a difficult conversation with my daughters last evening, one that I would like to share with you because… Read More